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COPPPAL is the most important Forum of political parties in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was created out of an initiative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico (PRI) on October 12 of  1979 in OAXACA, México.

COPPPAL is a multilateral Non-Governmental Organization made up of 52 political parties from 28 countries in the region.


In its Declaration of Principles COPPPAL is defined as a forum of National Political Parties  that gives priority  to the theme of  sovereignty while at the same time supporting  the establishment of a more just and equitable international  order.


Its purposes as stated in the said document are:

  • To defend democracy and all lawful political institutions and to support their development and improvement to strengthen the principle of self determination of the people’s of Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • To promote the regional integration  process

  • To support all initiative towards disarmament

  • To promote the defense, sovereignty and better utilization of each one of the  regional countries national resources

  • To foster development

  • To promote Latin America  and the Caribbean regional organisation

  • To carry out joint actions that facilitates the establishment of a more just international economic order

  • To promote the respect for human rights

The most important documents that express the conceptions and actions of COPPPAL are:

  • The First Declaration of OAXACA

  • Lima Declaration, which is a synthesis of the original Declaration OAXACA.

  • The Declarations of Quito

  • The Declaration of  Pichincha

  • The First and Second Declaration of Buenos Aires

  • The Declaration of  Valparaiso

  • The Rio Arrangement

  • The Second and Third Declaration of  OAXACA

  • The  III Declaration of Panama

  • The Declaration of Kingston

  • The Declaration of Santiago   

  • The Declaration of Mexico

Structurally COPPPAL is made up of a Plenary which meets once per year and by the coordinating body made up of:

  • The President

  • The Adjunct President

  • 15 Vice Presidents

  • Executive Secretary

  • Four Deputy Executive Secretaries

The Executive Secretary is an outstanding member of a member party with full voting rights with experience in the International Field.


In keeping with the evolution of International Relations today, COPPPAL has updated its political agenda and has created the ideal mechanisms for implementation.


Today the fundamental reflections of COPPPAL are made through Permanent Working Commission among which the most outstanding ones are:

  • Economic and Social Commission 

  • Commission on Renovation of political systems democratic practices 

  • Industrial Policy and Employment Commission 

  • Caribbean Commission 

  • Environmental Commission 

  • Energy Policy Commission 

  • Commercial Policy Commission 

These Commissions are chaired by outstanding Latin American and Caribbean political leaders and they develop their work in different capitals in the region.  Among the objectives are:

  • Prepare studies on specific topics that allow for the enrichment and support for the reflection on different topics of the region.

The major themes that have occupied the work of COPPPAL are:

  • The deepening of democracy and the definition of its content

  • The advances and potentialities of regional integration

  • National sovereignty and regional agreements

  • Social policy which today is dominated by the discussion on the role of political parties in today’s reality.

In COPPPAL we coincide in affirming that no form of democracy can be imagined without political parties. Political parties are and must be the protagonists of the political struggle in order to reach new heights of development and social justice.


COPPPAL has a plural composition usually two or more parties of the same country are members. A collectively accepted standard are those of a general or regional one and never the differences among affiliates who share the same nationally.